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Judge Orders Census Bureau to Keep Counting. Here's Why That Matters for Schools
Accurate census data is tied to billions of dollars of federal education aid. A federal judge told officials this week that they can't shorten the timeline for the count.
Betsy DeVos Admits Defeat in Legal Battle Over Coronavirus Aid
U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos said her department won't appeal a decision from a federal court that voided her controversial rule involving COVID-19 relief and private school students.
Five Reasons Policymakers Now Think Money Should No Longer 'Follow Students'
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Trump's 'Patriotic Education' Push Clashes With His Past Calls for Local Control
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CDC Details Color-Coded Risk Levels for In-Person Learning During Pandemic
DeVos Touts Tool Intended to Show School-by-School Spending Nationwide
Trump Blasts 'Left-Wing Indoctrination' in History Classes as 'Child Abuse'
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$1 Billion for Civics Education? Bipartisan Bill Eyes Dramatic Federal Investment
House Passes Signature Bills on School Integration and Discrimination
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Education Department Puts Controversial Coronavirus Aid Rule on Ice
What a Trump Directive on 'Anti-American Propaganda' Means for the Ed. Dept.
Senate GOP Sticks to School Choice Push in Slimmed Down Relief Proposal
Judge Strikes Down DeVos Rule on COVID-19 Relief Funds in Nationwide Order
Betsy DeVos Tells States Not to Expect Waivers From Annual Tests
Teachers' Fears About Returning to School Valid Amid Trump's Failures, Biden Says
Private and Charter Schools Got $6 Billion in Paycheck Protection Program Aid, Study Says
Feds Extend Meal Waivers for Students After Pressure From Schools, Lawmakers