User Access Questions:

1. I am having trouble logging in on the mobile website. Where can I get help?
If you forgot your password, please use the Forgot Password function. For other login problems, email customer service or call 800-445-8250 Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Time.

2. How many stories can I read per month?
Following a change made on Oct. 1, 2014, readers who choose to register and login get free access to 3 stories per month. Education Week Premium Online and Premium Online + Print subscribers get unlimited access to If you do not want to register or subscribe on, you will have very limited access to stories.

3. What stories will I be able to get for free?
You will have access to 3 articles, Commentaries, blogs, opinions, or other stories of your choice each month if you are a registered user. These articles may come from Education Week, Teacher, Digital Directions, or Industry and Innovation. Registration is easy and free, and also allows you to sign up for our free topical e-newsletters. These free e-newsletters are a great way to stay informed. If you are a subscriber, you have unlimited access to stories.

4. Does every page count against my story limit?
Only the story pages – articles, blogs, and opinions – count against your story limit. You will always be able to view the home page, all topics pages, sections, collections, tables of content, multimedia, and story previews.

5. What happens when I reach my story limit during the month?
When you reach your story limit, you will be prompted to subscribe to continue reading. At that point, you will still be able to read story previews. Your story limit will be reset each calendar month.

6. If I read the same story multiple times, will it count multiple times against my story limit?
You may read a story multiple times during the calendar month, and it will only count once against your story limit. When the next calendar month begins, however, reading that same story will count against your new story limit.

7. How will I know when I have reached my story limit?
There will be messages on the page that will tell you when you are getting close to your limit, and when you have reached your limit.

8. If I am a paid subscriber, do I have a story limit?
Paid subscribers have unlimited, site-wide access, from any computer or device.

9. How do I change my e-mail address?
Visit our Full Site at, and make sure you are logged in. Click My Account and select Edit My Information. Type in your new e-mail address and click Save My Changes.

Mobile Questions:

1. What browsers does the mobile website accommodate?
Our mobile website automatically detects and can accommodate virtually all mobile browsers.

2. How can I view the mobile version from my tablet?
The mobile website is optimized for smartphones. If you are using a tablet or other larger device, you will be automatically redirected to our full desktop website.

3. How can I access the full desktop version of from my mobile device?
There is a link at the bottom of the home page labeled Full Site.

4. Where can I find Education Week blogs?
News blogs are available under News and opinion blogs are available under Opinions. You can also click "Blogs" on the navigation menus to find a complete list of available blogs. News blogs are frequently used by our reporters to break news on current events in the field.

5. What search capabilities are available via the mobile version?
You can search up to 30 days of content. Over time, as new content is created, it will be added to your search results. To search all our content, use the Full Site, which you can access via the link at the bottom of the home page.

6. Can I share content via social sites like Facebook and Twitter?
We included Facebook, Twitter, and email sharing features on our mobile website to enable sharing.

7. Why can't I read user comments on my mobile device?
Smartphone users will be able to read and post comments in a later version of the mobile website.

8. How can I increase the text size?
The easiest way to increase text size on mobile is turn your smartphone sideways to landscape orientation. In a future version of the mobile website, we will add additional ways to increase type size including pinch/zoom.

9. How can I create a shortcut to mobile?
You can create a short-cut to mobile by creating a bookmark or adding an icon on your mobile home screen. On your iPhone, click "Add to Home Screen." On your Android, open the "Bookmarks" page, long-press the bookmark for mobile, and select "Add Shortcut to Home."

10. Where should I send my questions and suggestions about mobile?
Please email us at

11. How can I get information about advertising on mobile?
Please email us at