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Federal Appeals Court Upholds Maine Bar on Tuition Aid to Religious Schools
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit turns away claims of religious discrimination by families seeking to use Maine's "tuitioning" program.
Senate Narrowly Confirms Amy Coney Barrett to U.S. Supreme Court
Amy Coney Barrett succeeds the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in time to hear arguments in two cases being watched in the education community.
School With Ties to Barrett Gets Voucher Money, as Report Cites Anti-LGBTQ Climate
Supreme Court Declines Indian Gaming Case Said to Affect School Revenues
Supreme Court to Consider Trump Effort to Exclude Some From Key Census Figure
Barrett Indicates Her Comfort With High Court's Recent Religion Decisions
Barrett Says 'Brown v. Board of Education' Is 'Superprecedent' Beyond Overruling
Amy Coney Barrett Says Courts Can't Right Every Wrong in Public Life
Florida Court Backs State Order Requiring Schools to Open for In-Person Instruction
Federal Judge Denies Relief in Challenge to New Mexico School Reopening Rules
Supreme Court Won't Hear Challenge to Union Exclusive Representation