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Illinois Directs Districts to Set Aside Federal COVID Aid for All Private School Students
The state's decision indicates that U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos' push on COVID-19 and private school students is having an affect.
Watch: The CDC Guidance on Reopening Schools, Explained
New federal recommendations on reopening schools closed due to the coronavirus call for dramatic changes that could affect everything from bus rides to where students eat lunch. Watch this video for an explanation.
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DeVos to Release Rule Cementing COVID Aid Push for Private School Students
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House Passes COVID-19 Bill With Aid for Schools. It Has Slim Chances in Senate
ACLU Sues DeVos Over Title IX Rules on Sexual Assault, Harassment Investigations
Teacher's Union, PTA Ad Campaign Promotes COVID-19 Aid for Schools
Betsy DeVos: My COVID-19 Competitive Grants Aren't Like Race to the Top at All
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Want to Help Public Schools? Give Private Schools COVID-19 Relief, Groups Declare
Groups Push to Extend Relaxed Rules for Student Meals as COVID-19 Strains System
Biden-Sanders 'Unity' Task Force Taps AFT and NEA Leaders, Ed. Committee Boss
DeVos Appoints New Director for English-Learner Office
DNC Chief: Blame Trump, Not State and Local Leaders, If Schools Struggle This Fall
Betsy DeVos Announces Aid to Help Create 'Student-Centered' Funding Systems
Former Governor Recruits Stuck-at-Home College Students to Combat K-12's 'COVID Slide'
COVID-19 Testing Key to Reopening Schools, Health Officials Tell Senators
Schools Would Get Nearly $60 Billion in Democrats' New COVID-19 Relief Proposal
Backlash Grows to DeVos Push for COVID-19 Aid to Help All Private School Students
Use COVID-19 Aid to Help Make Schools 'Command Centers,' Groups Urge
Title IX Rule Details How K-12 Schools Must Address Sexual Harassment, Assault