Special Report: How We Go Back to School

To help district and school leaders navigate the complex decisions they must make around reopenings, Education Week explores the options for returning to school—as well as their upsides and downsides—in an eight-part series.
Explore the first installment: The Socially Distanced School Day
Explore the second installment: Scheduling the COVID-19 School Year
Explore the third installment: Getting Kids to School: Tackling the COVID-19 Transportation Problem

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Rising Wave of Districts Sticking With Full-Time Remote Learning
A growing number of school systems recently announced plans to return to full-time remote learning when the 2020-21 school year starts, defying pressure from federal leaders and some parents.
Opinion Returning to the Classroom Safely Is Just Another Impossible Task for Teachers
Teachers can recognize a familiar disregard and absurdity underlying the politicized debates over reopening schools,writes Richard Ullman.
Thousands of Educators Laid Off Already Due to COVID-19,and More Expected
How Layoffs Upend Life for Educators,Students,and Districts
Social Emotional Learning and School Reopenings: A Guide for Schools
Schools Should Get Federal Money to Help Put Kids in Classrooms, Top Senator Says
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Thousands of Educators Laid Off Already Due to COVID-19, and More Expected
The job losses reported so far in dozens of school districts tracked by Education Week reflect the pandemic's deep economic strain as schools face mounting challenges for the 2020-21 academic year.
The Socially Distanced School Day
Every facet of the school day will have to change when students and staff members return to buildings.We explain the recommendations,present different strategies,estimate some of the costs,and weigh some pros and cons.
How Schools in Other Countries Have Reopened
Scheduling the COVID-19 School Year
Getting Kids to School:Tackling the COVID-19 Transportation Problem
Opinion How Should Teachers Handle the Movement to Rewrite High School History?Embrace It
The history curriculum is a good place for educators to take the initiative on racial justice,urge history educators Jack Doyle and Chris Doyle.
Opinion Public Schools Need the Equivalent of Teaching Hospitals
New teachers in high-poverty schools don't get the training they need,write Suzanne Donovan and Bruce Alberts.They and their students suffer for it.

Featured Video: A Principal’s Guide to Coaching Teachers

In weekly observations and coaching of teachers, one school’s leadership team provides a single “high-leverage” action step for teachers to incorporate into their instruction to make lessons more engaging for students.
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